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Team up or play solo while waging war and winning all at your skill level for real life profit. Victory is not the only option as participation allows you to earn Tokens for special rewards. Settle on your wager and ready up to play. The winner takes all!

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Experience the true e-Sports feeling for yourself through wager gaming. The best challenges are available for over 15+ of your favorite console and mobile games. Our constantly growing roster makes sure you will find what fits your playstyle.



Face off against players for the grand prize and remember the bigger the tourney the bigger the prize the better you do the higher your rise. Winning tournament matches greatly multiplies your earnings. You can even sign up with Tokens and still profit.


how to earn money on betme?

Find a match, ready up, compete and win.
Winning a wager game will instantly increase your balance.

our mission

Multiple people forms a community


Join the next generation of e-Sport Community and make friend while following the gaming world trends. Commenting, sharing, and posting will earn your special rewards. We not just value but reward your social activities. Join our club today!

Lock on a shield represents the secure system for the game engine.

Game Engine

Our anti cheat system is an industry leader in detecting cheaters and unfair players. Designed to make sure you always have a good time. We aim to maximize your experience with our Decision Support System so the match outcomes are always right and fair.

Dollar chips


Everything you do is valuable for us and we will reward you for it in Tokens. Collect tokens by participating in annual and daily challenges or by just being active on our social channels.  Use your tokens to wager for real profit or to sign up to tournaments for free.

Ranking columns

Ranking system

We are bringing you the World’s largest ranking system. Supporting cross platform and multiple game genres in a single global leaderboard. This is the ultimate way to show off how good you are to everyone else. You can even gain prestige by increasing your Betme rank.

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how to play?

BetmeGaming application home sceen

home screen

The home screen in the central hub for you keep track of everything in the Betme app. The most important tabs are Personal: to manage your account. News: to keep up with everything that is happening, and Games: to pick and choose from all the available game modes.

BetmeGaming screen

Create lobby

If you press the controller button on the home screen you end up in the lobby. Choose your preferred game mode from our enormous collection or use our presets and quickly jump in to the hottest games with the most popular challenge modes. As a last step pick an opponent, ready up and make sure you are up for the challenge.

BetmeGaming  Lobby Screen

in lobby

Team up with friends or play solo the choice is yours! Thanks to our industry best match making system you will be competing against players at your skill level in no time. The same goes for teams too.  Match up and face off with your friends and see who is the best among you.

available games

15+ of the most popular and well known Console and Mobile games

Call of Duty Mobile
League of Legends Wild Rift
Rocket League
Clash Royale


The pinnacle of wager gaming

Ready to take on the best of the best? We know you are! Take part in the Betme Tournaments and face against various roster sizes but keep in mind high-risk brings high reward as winning tournament matches greatly multiplies your earnings.

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