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How to get
free FUT Points in FIFA

How to get FIFA Points

Claim any FIFA player you desire

What are FIFA Points?

Do you want to make your FIFA team the strongest? Then youshould get to know how to earn some FIFA Points. Since FIFA Points are thein-game currency of the FIFA franchise. You can buy new players with it.

Mostof this is exclusive content, so there's no way you can get it for free. If youdon't want to miss out, you'll have to dig into your pockets.  However, Betme is happy to help you get asmany FIFA Points as possible to swell your virtual balance.  

How to earn FIFA Points Through Betme?


Be an active part of our community!

Betme aims to unitegamers around the world - so we always appreciate when someone is an activepart of our community.  Post, comment,participate in our community sweepstakes - we'll give you dollar tokens to buyFIFA  Points!
So with us, you can buy a Patrick Vieira card just by sharing your opinions,pictures or videos of your matches!


A special feature of Betme tournaments is that the final winner doesn't take all. Just one win is enough to get you a prize - but the better you do, the bigger your slice of the cake.
So if you're looking to spend a fortune in your favourite FIFA game,now's your chance!


You and only you set the stakes for our matches. It's up to you to decide how much you bet - if you're clever and determined, you can earn the price of an rare card in a single match!
All you need is confidence in your abilities.


Unfortunately, FIFACards don't grow on trees—but if you choose the quickmatch option, you can bag your favorite in a flash. Here you can see quick lobbies created by other players

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