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What is the game about

EA Sports: F1 22- Basics

F1 22 is a realistic racing video game developed by Codemasters and published by EA Sports. It is the fifteenth entry in the F1 series by Codemasters. The game holds an official license of the 2022 Formula One and Formula 2 championships.

New regulations have created ever heavier cars, making them more difficult to drive at low speeds than ever.

Codemasters also unlocked the aerodynamic settings in F1 22. Where before they provided a track-specific base and then allowed you to play from 1 to 11, now on each track we have the ability to go from 1 to 50 with our wings!

quick rundown

How F1 22 is Played

Fortunately, the real races in Formula 1 2022 are realistic and immersive. Players can choose from a variety of game modes, from professional F1 and F2 campaigns to custom seasons and free hot-play spins.
As part of the new era of F1, the entire 2022 automotive roster is available to drive on every track of the season, including Miami International Speedway.

the big leagues

Formula 1 - 2022 Tournaments & Prize Pools

2021 F1 Esports Pro Championship: Round 12 boasted a large: 750.000 dollar prize pool.
The most exciting development in the world of racing esports online is here. Test your driving skills and you will be able to race for money in our app, or compete in live Pro Championship events and go down in history to become a champion of the F1® Esports Series.

F1 22 VR

For the first time ever, the Formula 1 game will have native VR support.

This is limited to PCs and a handful of headsets like Occulus Quest 2 and HTC Vive. The good folks at Vive provided us with an HTC Vive Pro 2 to test VR racing and we were impressed.

F1 22 Crossplay

EA has finally confirmed when F1 22 will have cross-play multiplayer. It will arrive later this month!

F1 22 multiplayer crossover game
While there is no specific release date yet, beta testing will take place August 5-7 and August 12-14 in Social Race and Two Player Race modes. This will allow players to compete against each other online for the first time on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC platforms.

F1 22 Life

Show off your mansion and supercars! Yes the rumours are true: Supercars also feature in F1 Life for the first time in the series. The latest trailer confirms that supercars can be stored in up to three bays in hubs. Some supercars are locked, however, and need to be earned or purchased.


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the name of the game

F1 22 - Life

F1 Life is a social space, but it's almost more of a glorified menu backdrop, showcasing the high-class lifestyle many F1 drivers enjoy by recreating it in a digital showroom of expensive cars, trophies and furniture.

Other players you've met online will dynamically enter and exit this space, while you can manually inspect your friends' spaces by visiting them. However, the options for decorating these spaces are incredibly limited, with only a handful of supercars that you can purchase with game tokens (earned by completing mileage in races) available for viewing.

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F1 22 - Betting

Our app offers a unique solution where you can bet on yourself and not the matches of pros or other players. 100% Skill based 0% luck. If you are confident enough in your game knowledge register to our daily and weekly tournaments or just simply deposit funds in your account and play custom matches with your friends or new rivals.
Game Modes currently Available to wager in F1 22:
- VS Mode

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