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Tournaments are the best way to test your skills, climb the ranks, and earn exponentially greater rewards.

WhY COMPETE IN Betme Tournaments?

Instead of spectator be a player
Multiply your money quickly
Everlasting glory and bragging rights

Start your eSport career!
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Find a tournament you like based on the game, the entry fee and the number of participants.

Lock on a shield represents the secure system for the game engine.


Lock in your seat in advance with just one tap. Show up and compete!


When the tournament starts, enter the lobby and face off against your opponents.


Become a Champion, dominate the leaderboard and collect your prize.
You can earn money even after one win.*

Ready for action?
Select your weapon!

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To maximize the fun factor of our tournaments, we implementa series of quality of life features
to give you the best experiencepossible
while you compete and play.

how do I sign up for a betme tournament?

After registration you can sign up to either free-to-enter, or paid tournaments. Android users: For higher rewards and more fierce competition download the free APK.

Our Apple users can access all the features instantly after downloading the app from the AppStore.

how can i sign up for the free tournaments?

The free to enter Betme tournaments which are held weekly are open to anyone wishing to enter. But the pro tournaments with serious cash prizes are only available after downloading the APK.

(Apple users have access automatically after downloading the app from the AppStore)

Can I win money even after just one match?

We've designed our tournament system in a way that in certain  tournaments, players can cash out even after winning just one match. Our tournament system works in a way that you earn more and more after every round.

What happens if the other player cheats?

If you believe that the other player has cheated against you, you can  report that player with either a video recording of the cheating or pictures of the exploit.

Please describe in detail what you think was against the rules.

If the Betme Game Master decides that cheating has indeed occurred, your money will be refunded.

what happens if i lose my internet connection mid match?

It is the responsibility of each player to ensure that their internet connection is stable.

If your internet goes down while playing and you lose the match, we cannot be held responsible.

Tip: Make sure your internet is stable before the match!

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