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Betme Creators:

Dub after first post?
I got almost 29k views with my first vid!! Reaching 1k followers this week for sure. Thx betmeeee
Affiliaters dream came true?
Betme offers some of the most generous commission rates Iv seen online, as well as a friendly app that makes it easy for players 18-99 years old to 10x their money. Easy to promote!
WOW so many mobile games!
I was able to play Yu gi Oh lol and I even won a 8 ball pool tournaments on my phone. Soo you can advertise the app to almost any gamer. Theyv got the games!
Extra cash for my weekends
Sign up for Betme's affiliate program today and start seeing the rewards of your efforts. Trust me, you won't regret it. I even got my mates to join the program...
Great for newbs and veterans too
As someone who has tried out promoting in 30+ niches, it has been a pleasure to promote this app to my audience and see them enjoy the experience. Cheers Bme!

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Answers to all your questions.

What is Betme?

Betme is a wager gaming app where you can play and earn money in 40+ of your favorite mobile / console and PC games. We host free to enter and paid skill-based tournaments with bigger prizes.

Just to name a few: Warzone, Apex Legends, Fortnite, League of Legends, Clash Royale or Brawl Stars.

How do I become a content creator for Betme?

To become a creator for Betme, you will need to apply to our form on this site. Once you are accepted, you will be given access to exclusive marketing materials and a unique referral code that you can use to promote our app.

What if I do not have a lot of followers?

Fortunately TikTok’s algorithm works in a way that you do not need thousands of followers to be shown to anyones ‘For You Page’. The only thing you need is exciting, creative user generated content!

How do I get paid?

As a content creator for Betme, you will be paid a commission for every paid match played with your referral code. Your commission is above the market limit up to 10%. You may be able to withdraw your earnings through PayPal.

How do I promote Betme effectively?

There are many ways you can promote our app. Some ideas include creating social media posts or videos, running online ads, writing blog posts, and reaching out to your friends or email list. It is important to use your unique referral code in all your promotions so that you can track your sales and earn commissions.