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about us

Betme is a wager gaming app that enables both casual and competitive players to test their gaming skill against other players in a straightforward, secure, and fair manner.

For a loads of well-known PC, console and mobile game franchises, Betme offers exciting challenges beyond simple online gaming.

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what is betme?

Betme is wager gaming application for your favorite PC, console and mobile games, available on iOS and Android. Betme helping casual and competitive players to test their gaming skills against others in a simple, secure and fair way. Betme provides wager challenges to over 40+ well-established console, pc and mobile game franchises.

how do i register?

Registering to Betme only takes a few simple steps. You can automatically register using our Google, Facebook or Apple login options. You can also create a dedicated Betme profile by registering with your email address. Once you completed your registration all you have to do is to select your favorite games and let us customize your experience for you.

How to start earning?

Find a match, ready up, compete and win. Winning a wager match with an entry free will instantly increase your balance. Not only that but you can also look up and participate in Betme tournaments of your favorite games. In tournaments, winning multiple games will greatly increase your balance. Being socially active and completing achievement milestones also let's you earn money to your balance.


How does my balance work?

Any top ups will be instantly added to your profile’s balance. The same happens during withdraw. You will instantly receive withdrawn earnings through the payment method of your choice. Betme makes sure that adding and withdrawing is a quick and easy process and there is no lengthy downtime during them.

How to add to and withdraw money from my balance?

On the home screen of the Betme app there is Wallet Tab, where you can add money to and withdraw from your balance. The balance card currency is based on US dollar.  Your transactions are fast, reliable and secure, we are protecting you from fraud and payment loss. You can keep track of you balance and all recent activities through the transaction history section.

What payment providers can I use?

Transactions done using a credit or debit card are managed by PayPal and SimplePay. PayPal has one of the largest global presence. Supporting both gives our users the choice to decide which suits their need better. Both SimplePay and PayPal are in place to ensure the highest level of security for your transactions.

As an upcoming feature Betme will support Appel Pay and Google Pay.


How to join a tournament?

Joining a tournament only takes a single click under the tournament tab on the home screen.
Betme has many tournament option for every skill level, some have serious cash prizes, some have less cash prize but it's free to enter in return.
You can find your tournaments many ways:
1) Explore page Tournament filter
2) Big orange button on the tab bar with out logo on it
3) Explore page Select your game select tournament filter

Can I play for free?

Yes, through the Betme Practice mode. It is made for players to learn the ins and out of the system. Practice mode is designed to give players a risk free way to learn how the app works. We recommend the use of Practice mode for all newcomers to improve their skills before jumping into any real wager matches. Playing Practice mode also lets you win tokens which later can be converted into real money. For this mode you do not even need a balance. We want to make sure you feel as comfortable as you want while using Betme.

what is gamercard?

As part of your registration you need to create, a Gamer Card, which is your custom in-game name tag for the game you are playing that you need to add the very first time you play a wager match. Once you added it the system will automatically take care of the rest and automatically save it. You no longer need to worry about this particular process.

What match types and game modes can I play?

We understand that everyone is different when it comes to game mode preferences. That is why we aim to cover a wide range of games and game modes. Our catalogue is constantly increasing when it comes to games and game modes so everyone will find something they like. Currently our most popular game modes include:

- FFA (Free for All) Where large groups can wager and compete at the same time for a grand prize.
- 1v1 for a much more focused competition.
- 2v2 where you and your best buddy can face off against an equally skilled duo.
- 3v3 where you and two of your friends compete against another trio.
- 5v5 where you and your squad plays against another squad.

All game modes come with their own challenges, strategies and fun factors. You decide what you want to try out.

can i set up custom lobbies?

You can set up your custom lobby with only a few clicks. Custom lobbies can range from 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 5v5 and FFA. Compared to other wager gaming apps on the market Betme puts the most focus on team vs team based wager gaming to provide the thrill and excitement yet only seen in e-sports to every player regardless of their skill level.

How to start a match?

On the home screen go to the menu bar and press the controller icon. On the create lobby screen choose your preference and you are set. You can complete wager challenges in over 40+ games with different game modes and team sizes.
First you should always check if there is a lobby already made with your preferences in the Join Lobby Tab if so you should always join for the quickest matchmaking possible.
If you couldn't find any lobby you liked, you can always create your own.
Once everything is set just press the find match button and the Betme matchmaking system will take care of the rest of finding you an opponent on your own skill level. Once you matched with your opponent, all you need to do is play and have fun.

extra features

Betme Tokens

Tokens can be earned in multiple ways:
Unlocking achievement milestones
Participating in wager matches, regardless of the outcome
Inviting and adding friends to the Betme app
Being active on our in-app social forums, sharing, commenting and reacting to posts on a daily basis.

Tokens can be used for as an entry fee to wager games or entry to any given tournament where you still compete for real prize money.

betme ranking

Your Betme rank is an indication on our platform regarding your overall performance. Your Betme rank is quite important as it not only indicates your skill level but also your prestige as well which is visible on our worldwide cross platform leaderboard, which is the very first in the industry.

trust scoring

Your Trust Score is measured by stars on your profile. This score shows other players how trustworthy and fair you are so they can decide if they want to play with or against you. Your trust score is visible before every match. The higher your score is the easier and faster it is for you to find and join match, the more report features you gain and the more rewards you earn.

On the other hand if your trust score is low you will be penalized and matched with similarly low trust score players. After your trusted score reaches a certain low and do not improve you will be banned from the platform.

How to increase your trusted score:
Always set the correct results
Be fair with your opponent
Always show up to your matches

Anti-fraud and Anti-cheat

Our system is designed to make sure wager gaming happens in a safe and secure environment. We continuously perform automatic and live scans to identify and remove malicious players. Our system is designed to make sure your money is always at your disposal and prevent theft and fraud.

Players who attempt to perform unsportsmanlike behavior including cheating in-game or smurfing are quickly identified, and harshly penalized.
To make sure we maximize the experience for our users, go away cheaters we don't need you here.

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